Your money. No middlemen. Monetize with SVOD, AVOD, or TVOD with a click of a button — or mix and match to best fit your business plan.


Choose the monetization model that fits your business and receive 100% of the revenue.

Product Monetize
  • Subscription: Build a recurring revenue business with premium subscription plans tailored to your audience.

  • Purchase and Rental: Sell or rent individual videos or video bundles.

  • Advertising: Bring your own ad network. Zype supports VAST, VPAID, and VMAP tags.

  • Pass Plans: Provide time-limited access for users, beyond traditional subscription or rental plans.

Flexible content access with
redemption codes

Automatically create or upload single-use codes for consumers to unlock access to specific videos or groups of content.

Flexible content
Powerful integrations to collect
direct payment

Leverage automated import workflows, dynamic playlists and smart content ordering to enable “set and forget” video management flows across all distribution endpoints.

Powerful integrations